Zelo cried as she read a letter to his parents (cute)

Published on Feb 27, 2013 on TSENT2008 YouTube account

@ TS Entertainment

B.A.P 젤로(Zelo) 부모님 전상서(Letter to his parents)
@ B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL on February 23, 2013

People crying because Zelo crying. many of them even can’t understand the language but still crying..

(me too)

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“This boy is taking the time to express his gratitude towards his parents, while being flooded with emotions. It’s already hard enough for a person to speak their mind let alone from their heart. How and why could anyone dislike this video? And Zelo, you go ahead and cry you’ve worked hard for your dream, now your living it. And with those tears of sorrow they will become tears of happiness!”

Dominique D

Dominique D 

“even though i dont understand what he’s saying i can feel how much he loves his parents. very touching :)”

anyway.. on Feb 28, 2013 they fill the show. and amusing incident took place when Jung Daehyun, my boyfriend, trying to imitate the way Zelo cried while reading the letter. haha, my boyfriend is a bit naughty ..